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The sudden demand for many new users to work from home, places great a demand on rapid expansion of user coverage.

As such, Lean-On is here to help our customers to speed the adoption of remote work and fuel business continuity even in the most tumultuous of times.

Extending the use of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop:

Scaling the current environment to a broader number of employees so they are able to work from home, and conduct remote work as needed, can be a necessity. For more information on special offers etc. please contact us for further information.

Need more throughput on your network as more users work from home? Look at a managed service with Lean-On:

If you have an existing Citrix ADC license, we can temporarily switch it to a Managed Service Agreement containing licenses of a larger throughput, if you need more capacity, in an interim COVID-19 period.

Contact us at +45 70 27 08 98. We are here to help!