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Image Management for Your Servers from One Single Master Image

Provisioning Services (Citrix PVS) is a software-streaming technology that delivers patches, updates, and other configuration information to multiple virtual desktop endpoints through a shared desktop image.

With this Provisioning Services streaming technology in Lean-On’s cloud it allows computers to be provisioned and re-provisioned in real time from a single shared-disk image. All image management is done on the master image. The local hard disk drive of each system can be used for runtime data caching or, in some scenarios, removed from the system entirely, which reduces power usage, system failure rates, and security risks.

Provisioning Services takes a very different approach from traditional imaging solutions by fundamentally changing the relationship between hardware and the software that runs on it. By streaming a single shared disk image (vDisk) rather than copying images to individual machines, Provisioning Services enables a reduction in the number of disk images that needs to be managed, even as the number of machines continues to grow, simultaneously providing the efficiencies of a centralized management with the benefits of distributed processing.

This approach allows a target device to get a completely new operating system and set of software in the time it takes to reboot, without requiring a visit to a workstation. It dramatically decreases the amount of network bandwidth required by traditional disk imaging tools, making it possible for Lean-On to support a larger number of target devices on your network without impacting overall network performance.