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Lean-On is By Your Side

Let us manage your IT support, while you focus on growing your business.
Lean-On will be the first point of contact if you need support on hardware, network systems or software. Our support is handled by our highly skilled team of engineers who will provide you with broad-ranging technical support, from troubleshooting problems and infrastructure configurations to assistance and advice.

Alert and incident management on critical issues with max. response time of 15 minutes. 24/7/365. The alerts generated by the monitoring system are acknowledged and in case of incidents, the resolution procedure is initiated in 15 minutes or less. Several possible levels of escalation can be launched, involving also third-party support if necessary.

Market-Leading Technologies, all in Gartner’s Magic Quadrants

Lean-On’s cloud platform from chipset to VDI layer, is built on market-leading technologies recognized worldwide, with an advanced support network which can assist if necessary.

Lean-On is a part of Microsoft’s Qualified Multitenant Hoster Program

Lean-On is a part of the Microsoft QMTH Program and with that, Lean-On has Advanced Support Services with Microsoft. With this program among others our cloud customers can be assured to have the best team of experts at hand 24/7. Read more about the QMTH program here.

We are here to help you!