Just Realized!

STORAGE on The Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform®!

When running through different customer setups, I realized that we have now passed more than 2 Pbyte of Storage!

When we introduced The Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform®, we always saw storage being only for the servers within the Accelerator.

But our customers’ creativity has no limits!

So right after we installed The Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform® on-premise or in the Cloud, we could see that our customers moved their data from all sorts of systems onto The Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform®.

So today it is a very different picture. We have big enterprises running their Exchange, SharePoint, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, BI, Notes, SQL and file services on our system.

We entered into a new revision of The Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform® including the backend services.

IT has had a wonderful impact for our customers. Due to our rather large investment on optimizing storage, applications and data we have developed multiple recipes for different use cases.

So now we can accelerate your

1. Desktops
2. Microsoft servers – all current
3. Lotus Notes
4. SAP & BI
5. And more

So if it is interesting for you to double the speed or reducing wait time by a factor of 90%, we encourage you to take a look at our Lean-On Windows Accelerator Revival Platform solutions (WARP)

Just bring on your challenge!


Are You the Correct C-level Member in Your Organization?

- or do you fail totally on a daily basis?

That is a bold political incorrect question, but do you dare facing it?

The spring and summer of 2016 has been breathtaking for us all at Lean-On.

We started out accompanying a significant number of enterprise CIOs to Citrix Synergy 2016 in Las Vegas. Our Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform® customers.

I was here invited to participate as a panel member in the Nvidia customer panel. It was not even for my self or Lean-On, it was on behalf of our enterprise customers who operate our Application Accelerator Platform globally, delivering a virtual high-end engineering desktop service to their user base, based on Citrix and Nvidia. The power of credibility we together gathered with vendors, customers and the press was crucial. Thank you to Nvidia, Isidro & team for empowering us!

We were gathering momentum. The following day Citrix organized with Nvidia that we were on stage with some of the customers. We delivered the message once again, and this time the customers were the storytellers!

We are now leading, in delivering a full-blown infrastructure service – IaaS, a PaaS, TITaaS! (Total-IT-as-a-Service) executing and delivering our message and platform!

One of the results: We concluded the early summer entering the largest agreement in Lean-On to date. An ANDRITZ business division entered into a full-blown hybrid cloud agreement with Lean-On.

The best of all worlds

Throughout the period of 2015/16, Lean-On has grown its hybrid cloud service 20% month over month.

We have several customers running many 100s of VDI high-end desktops on our platform, obtaining a reduction in wait time on more than 90%.

Operations that previously took 18 minutes now take 54 seconds. If you are a CFO or a CEO, you should focus entirely on the way we can accelerate your business together. We have all met the scenario (again being bold!): If you have a setup today generating endless discussions on how to optimize, minimize or relocate – you see yourself as a hero, if you find 5% here and there.


Trouble getting effective IT usage is the primary bottleneck of most western corporations today. CEOs and CFOs hate the CIOs for not solving the bottleneck. IT has become a bottleneck itself, with ITIL, SLAs and other items that basically have one purpose: To cover the IT departments, when goals are not met.

With many global enterprises we have now proved that we can increase employees’ productivity and happiness/satisfaction with 3-4 times of what they can accomplish today!
A platform that provides 3-4 times higher productivity!

When you want to level your ambitions once again, get yourself out of the box, and get into the zone where we make it happen.

The best moments for me right now, are at reference meetings where we have customers and new potential customers meet up. The current customers bring along business line managers in charge of the users, explaining the magic the platform has created in their business.

The operations and business line managers of the users come around participating in the reference visits. They have one single message: The users love it, and they stand in line to get onto the platform!

In my 30+ years in the industry, I have never seen that happen before.

We have customers that grow their user base with 20% a month, not hiring IT people, and not being overloaded, because they operate on the Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform®: A datacenter in a box for the enterprise.

So if you are a CEO or a CFO, or even maybe an ambitious CIO, you no longer have any excuses, not to get the best out of your employees, resulting in a great impact on your bottom-line.


Danish HDX 3D Pro Customers at Citrix Synergy 2016

Lean-On and some of our key enterprise customers have been invited to speak at Citrix Synergy 2016 – May 24-26, Las Vegas. Subject is how to deploy high-end engineering desktop not only locally, but also globally.

What are the Advantages – What are the Benefits?


We are honored to have been selected to deliver a “wrap up” on extreme usage of Citrix XenDesktop and Nvidia Grid Computing at this annual event that brings many thousands of people to the experts and core technologies of Citrix, Lean-On´s CEO Søren Ankerstjerne explains.

He continues: “Lean-On has been a leading provider of Citrix high-end solutions empowered by Nvidia Grid Computing for a long time. Since 2009 when all this was all new, we positioned Lean-On as the leader in these technologies right from the start.”

As technologies matured Lean-On continued to keep developing cutting-edge skills and knowhow. Today Lean-On delivers a shrink-wrapped all inclusive appliance that covers everything, in order to meet any enterprise productivity requirements in terms of speed, agility and business innovation.

The Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform® is in production today at some of the most prestigious enterprise companies in Denmark. The solution leverages the businesses involved, by setting new standards for all key criterias of modern simplified desktop computing.

Søren explains: “We have worked with Citrix for almost 30 years and have always followed the strategies laid out by the management of Citrix along the way, using Citrix technologies wherever possible. It creates a unique transparency that the infrastructure platforms used, are from one and the same vendor”.

After participating in Lean-On’s local Danish seminar, key members of the product management from Citrix discovered the deep knowledge and some outstanding use cases.

Søren Ankerstjerne ends: “We are not talking about small indifferent deployment scenarios. We come in, where normal super-workstations give up, due to technical insufficiencies in terms of application, workload and speed. This is about serious computing power, where we have become a significant game changer.”

Visit the Nvidia at Citrix Synergy

The presentation will be delivered at the Nvidia booth theater in the main exhibition hall during the Citrix Synergy conference. Andritz Feed & Biofuel, Babcock & Wilcox Vølund and BWSC will be on stage with the management of Lean-On, pitching all the critical elements of the engineering desktop.

Time and place: Wednesday, May 25 at 1:45p – Nvidia Booth #704G

Also CTO Jakob Blønd-Sørensen will be participating in:

Synergy Customer Panel – NVIDIA and Citrix on Future of Virtualization

Tuesday, May 24, Palazzo Parlor 911, 3rd Floor of Palazzo,  4:30 pm

Represented companies for Future of Virtualization Panel:

• Babcock Wilcox & Vølund, Jakob Blønd-Sørensen – Lean-On
• Whitney Bailey Cox & Magnani, LLC, Chris Calaf
• Burmeister & Wain Energy, Jakob Blønd-Sørensen – Lean-On
• Andritz Feed & Biofuel, Jakob Blønd-Sørensen – Lean-On
• Textron International, Friederich Devoir

For more information please contact Annette Munkholt Wätjen, VP Marketing, Lean-On on or +45 70 27 08 98.


CTO Impressions From the GPU Technology Conference, Silicon Valley

We Are not Among the Leaders – Consider Us the Leader !

That may be a bold expression taking into consideration that we built our platform on top good technologies from other companies. However, it all comes down to how you combine and use the technologies provided to you. And how you offer and package it to your customers.

Now while sitting here in San Jose participating at the GPU Technology Conference hosted by Nvidia, a lot of things become much more clear:

  • GPU computing is widely accelerating several industries, ranging from pharmaceutical to industrial backend HPC platforms. However, usage in the VDI area providing users with strong agile desktops delivered out from the datacenter, is still in its early adoption.
  • That makes it even more powerful to work with the Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform®, as we have been leveraging and optimizing the Citrix GPU technology since 2009. It becomes evident participating in this conference that Lean-On is in the absolute lead.

I have over the last 24 hours asked the question to many other participants: “How far and how large VDI GPU installations have you deployed?”

Most respond by saying that they are in serious POCs. A few might have a few installations with a few users running. That is it. Others talk about potential projects. At Lean-On we deliver thousands of high graphics GPU powered desktops on a daily basis. And our customers expect it to be a simple delivery, just like buying a bottle of milk in the supermarket.

Adding that our desktops hit 32 gbyte of RAM or the users hit a full Nvidia K2 GPU for Autodesk Inventor, Navisworks, Solidworks and so forth, you get people’s full attention.

The Lean-On cloud today scale customers out and up, based on a SLA in our cloud. We have customers not knowing that they just added another 2-3 Tbyte RAM, and hundreds of vCPUs to their installations.

Sitting here in San Jose, in the center of Silicon Valley makes me proud – proud that we ran with Citrix and their desktop GPU concept, and that we through the Accelerator have delivered a computing platform that enables our customers to have extreme agility and second-to-none user experience.

Bits and Bytes Forever

Tell me straight to my face: Are you a manager who perceives IT to be something for your internal IT employees, or are we delivering IT to support the organizational ability to compete and operate in the most efficient way?

I just attended a seminar with good old Microsoft. The new facilities of the Microsoft Windows Server 2016 are massive. However, the ability to do something more for the users, were hidden away in thousands of PowerShell commands.

Tons of new stuff that make the world more complex, and all at the same time ignoring the fact that the users in the enterprise hate their IT department and its lack of service, lack of understanding, the core components of running a business.

After the massive stream of improvements, we came to the Q&A session. As always, there is room for 2-3 questions. For the questions related to the ability to integrate to business tools, that were essential to the business, the answers ranged from: “We are planning it” – “we have thought of it” – “it’s not yet on the road map” to “no I do not think so”.

Think of it this way:

I truly believe that all companies in Scandinavia could run on Windows 98/ XP and Office 97.
However, due to technology invention where some are very useful, but even more so just adds complexity, we are yet again moving towards a world made by IT, with a purpose of making IT happy, not the company.

As yours truly is right now participating in the Nvidia GPU Technology Conference, I am happy to report that all our Accelerator customers are not hassled by the IT feature sprawl and complexity. We reduce wait times with 90%+. At the same time we reduce the need for IT infrastructure knowhow with our customers with a similar 90%.

By having created the Accelerator we can now offer our customers the ability to focus on the business, and not bit an bytes.

What to Do When the Future Hits You too Fast !!!

Everybody knows, what you buy today became obsolete yesterday!

So how can you maintain competitiveness compared to the guy next door competing with you, when he just bought the version of next week! You are now loosing ground, his users operates with 15% higher productivity.

The answer is simple: Get hold of the Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform® today, and all your concerns of tomorrow can be laid to rest !!

Heard that one before ???

Maybe – but as I attend the GTC in San Jose, enjoying a cup of Starbucks coffee, I realize that the Accelerator has a complete life-cycle expansion and extension, enabling us to deliver the best of today, tomorrow and next year.

2 Examples that Will Convince You Right Away !

Scale out and up on the fly:

  1. A new version of Autodesk requires more graphics power. All users using Autodesk are to be given more CUDA cores. You change the profile in the grid manager adding a stronger profile, and add it to the group that is included in the change. Next time the users log on, they are good to go. You may have to add some grid cards but who cares about those few $ being spent, when looking at an operation that takes 5 minutes.
  2. A new version of Navisworks recommends you to increase your CPU allocation from 2 to 4. You add the CPUs in 2 minutes and you are good to go. You might have to add an additional server – so what ! You are reusing old hardware and protecting your hardware investment.

No upgrades – no hassle – just supporting your business in the most optimal and secure way.

What Drove me to the Creation of the Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform®?

The answer is simple: The users and the CEO/CFO.

All the potential customers for an Accelerator that we have visited, have among their users a great dissatisfaction with the current solution delivered by IT. Furthermore, when the users are unhappy about not reaching goals set by management, management are upset.

What a surprise!

The IT people delivering IT services to the users are self-pacing their unfortunate situation. Instead of hiding away their lack of ability, they introduce more technology into the enterprise, causing things to go from bad to worse.

Would it not be perfect, if the IT people could concentrate on meeting the users needs and solve their concerns, instead of being blamed for being the root cause?

Technical people by birth, apply for technical education, then applying technical jobs, where they can work with technical gizmos. Now what usage does the enterprise obtain from this!!?

Nothing what so ever!?

An enterprise in 2016 should have IT people that understand the business, people that have skills in transforming user needs into technology.

The technical people belong with us, helping us to keep the technology running smooth and well.
We are the machine room. We are the developers that accelerate the organization in ways that enable them to become winners.

One of our customers that we entered a long term contract with, almost more than 3 years ago, is in the process of extending their agreement with us for another cycle. We have enabled them to become the best sparring partner for their users, and thereby we enabled them to shift the focus from technology to the use cases.

The machine room is run by us, because we work, update, construct and operate machine rooms at our customers on a daily basis = our comfort zone.

Lean more by attending our Lean-On Executive Forum next week where we will focus more on GPU and VDI, and IT with a business perspective. At this event I will also share more of my insights from the GPU Technology Conference. Don’t miss this opportunity to be updated and meet some of our current customers who have already gained significant business value from these technologies!


At the GPU Technology Conference, Silicon Valley – networking with Derek

I attended the GPU Technology Conference this week in San Jose, the largest and most important event of the year for GPU developers. A unique place to network with the GPU experts

Please meet Derek Thorslund, Director of Product Management / Product Strategist for Multimedia Virtualization, Citrix Systems – the man behind the success with our Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform®


Derek is the no 1 stakeholder on GPU/Citrix HDX 3D pro, and we have worked with him and his team since early 2009.

As I was sitting in on a session listening to how to define the value of UX, when delivering a virtual desktop empowered by GPU, I met our good friend Derek.

I updated him on our extreme success with our Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform® and he got all exited – and is looking so much forward to our exclusive seminar on April 20th – The Lean-On Executive Forum.
Come to our event, and hear Derek Thorslund share his insights.

PS: For the people that are participating in the Lean-On Citrix Synergy Tour, we will be visiting Derek in Santa Clara on an executive visit – we are looking forward to that as well !!


WHY ZFS Will Prevail as the Leading Filesystem for a Long Time


The intensive blogs and dialogues about the next generation filesystems, and which is the best choice for the future, is maybe entering into its last phase. It looks like ZFS will become the filesystem of the next generation.

  • Would it be because it includes self healing of data and block-based storage, backed by inline data deduplication, variable block sizes and a second-to-none caching technology? For many that would sufficient.
  • What about the unlimited files in a directory.
  • Furthermore, adding 128 bit copy-on-write, Pbyte+ ready storage space and unlimited snapshots.
  • Not to mention its HA strength, metro cluster ability, and its outstanding replication.

What if I told you that it supports FreeBsd, Linux and Solaris among others, and actually supports several hundred vendors, with packages that have price tags right from free to low cost. What about breaking the raid errors that come with big data?


The ZFS Crossroad – Maybe You are Still not Convinced?


What if you could use standard enterprise hardware and could avoid high prices on spare parts and expansion. What if it delivers more speed than any other SAN on the market. One of the fastest growing NAS vendors has just announced its availability of their first ZFS based NAS servers.

For years QNAP has delivered enterprise all-inclusive NAS servers, based on Linux and EXT4. Now they are offering us all a dual controller unit based on FreeBSD and ZFS, a true enterprise ZFS NAS. The Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform passed the ZFS crossroad many years ago. And we are way ahead, but thank you QNAP for entering our arena, we love what you do!!

Originally developed by a small group of people at SUN, Jeff Bonwick, Matt Ahrens and a few others, ZFS was included as the filesystem for Solaris. The OS that we all love to hate, because it is so outstanding. By introducing ZFS, SUN was suddenly back on the Storage Throne, and have outperformed everybody in terms of speed, stability and endurance ever since. However, it came with a heavy price tag! We all know the story. IBM missed the acquisition of SUN. Oracle took home the prom queen, and SUN disappeared like the most beautiful sunset ever.

Just before Oracle took home their prize, SUN maybe in despair, made Solaris Open Source, and a powerful eco system developed, with Delphix, Nexenta, OmniOs, Open Indiana and a ton of other fantastic companies. With Solaris came ZFS, the crown jewel of outstanding storage technologies. ZFS became the way home for an almost lost endangered world, and out of the blue Oracle did it again. Oracle stated that they were taking home their technologies, which for some still seem somewhat like a “not a thought through” solution. How can you take home a technology that has been available to the world during several years?

Today we have Illumos, the basis for Solaris 2016, supported by more than 30 vendors. Nexenta & OmniOs (both Illumos) and Delphix are among the major drivers and they are doing a fantastic job. Not only is the Illumos standard strongly being accepted, but these vendors have managed to accelerate inclusion of ZFS into the youngsters coming from Linux and FreeBSD, by welcoming these eco systems with open arms as well.

These platforms are now much more accepted in the marketplace, and I have to admit it, we from the Solaris side get a lot of great material from the others too. So welcome to FreeNAS, OpenNAS and all the others. And let us tell you right away; the large vendors are on the way into ZFS: Intel and DELL (Nexenta) are just the first big movers.


ZFS based Storage in the Lean-On application Accelerator® leads to massive productivity gains


Open– is today the meeting place for talking ZFS in all kinds of ways. Attending the Open-ZFS Summit 10th anniversary in the fall of 2015, just 1 day before Oracle Open World, it was outstanding for us to feel the vibrations and the drive, and see the work done at the GitHub.

We use ZFS based Storage in the Lean-On application Accelerator® and we use it to the extreme. The result: We create solutions for our customers that we never dreamt possible, nor did they. Nexenta and OmniOs are our providers of technology, and Lean-On and our customers love what they are doing for us. We have spent a considerable amount of time over the last 5 years to optimize, optimize and finally optimize the technology. And we have succeeded in obtaining our goals from back then.

Users experience extreme productivity gains in comparison to other well known and documented Infrastructure setups, and we will on this blog over the next months showcase for you the extreme results we obtain with our customers. So when your super-workstation with all the gimmicks installed is not enough, the Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform® will be able to meet your requirements of your business.

Kom og hør mere omkring ZFS på vores Business Executive Forum 2016 den 20/4-2016, hvor vi bl.a. har inviteret Nexenta til landet for at fortælle om den seneste udvikling – klik for program og tilmelding her




It Takes Courage to Become a Winner

– that characteristic relates to our customers

The background of and what lead to the Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform

The Accelerator evolved from our various projects, deploying new Citrix solutions with our customers from 2009 onwards. Expectations that were set high, often seemed to become stuck between a rock and a hard place. We never came through with the full picture. Average, same but different, were the results. As such we started to investigate, and at the time we were not specialists in all different areas of the computing challenge. But we could see that Citrix and others kept on pushing a number of new products and services, which at the end of the day must have been important for the Citrix infrastructure.

Influence from storage, networking, GPU support and much more, became increasingly important factors, in the pursuit of a great user experience.

In 2008/9 we started to work with Derek Thorslund and his team from Citrix. They were working on enabling real graphics in a Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop environment. We took a bunch of high-end workstations, and we went along with the team. It gave us a tremendous experience and knowledge into what high-end graphics were all about (GPU/CUDA cores). So we were there, when all the new features around the HDX platform came out. Features that a lot of people do not know to this very day. Even experts at Citrix have problems in resolving, what it is that these features do, or can do for the user.

With the arrival of the new ICA world: HDX 3D and 3D pro the world started to change. We had customers loading workstations up in the datacenter, and many of our customers had great results using these technologies.

But thing would not stop here in terms of challenges.

Storage, networking and the remaining infrastructure at customers sites, caused us to keep on diving deeper in to the complex world. I will not go further in depth on these areas in this blog, but will cover storage and networking in separate blogs.

However, with the arrival of the hardware virtualization of the VGA card and GPU support, we took a giant step towards the Accelerator.

From Wildcard to Managed Service Agreement

Already before GPU support came out in early 2012, when early drafts of the Accelerator had already evolved, we became involved in a very prestigious case.

One of the largest entities in Denmark facilitating the unemployment care/payment system for the Government, were looking for a whole new direction in terms of IT deployment. For years they had outsourced their IT, a situation to which they did not want to return.

We invited our selves on a wildcard basis. One of those situations where you expect nothing. We took a long shot, and I actually thought of it as a lost case. But we managed to win it. We were told after the process that we had won, because we had an entirely different view upon IT than the other candidates. For years the users had hated the old solution, and we came in talking only about the users, throwing away SLA uptime, datacenters, redundancy, failover, big data. All efforts were focused towards the user experience.

We took it further and offered the entire solution as a managed service solution, where we would bring in everything: Hardware, software and middleware. Nobody cared about the measurement standards that to this very day, still run the IT industry.

Co-production between IT staff that could now look towards the users, Lean-On supporting the IT staff in becoming the darlings of the entire organization. It was a perfect match.

Transition and Transformation in Less than 3 Months

Taking the entire installation out, completing an entire transition (removal from outsourcing) and transformation (a complete upgrade to the latest platform) in 3 months, was breathtaking for us and the customer.

  • October 1st the order was signed
  • November 1st  we brought the entire new hardware platform (The Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform) to the premises of our customer.
  • On December 21st we started production, and
  • January 1st the entire setup was running on the first Application Accelerator Platform.

The customer had no clue what hardware, software or middleware we brought into the project. No names, no friends, just the results.

As it documented, no names were shown in the contract, just numbers. When is the last time you have bought a storage solution not knowing the brand ?

So here we were. A happy customer encourages us to move on. “Go and implement the same solution for others” was the direct statement from the management. Today, 2½ years later down the road, the customer is still running our setup, and have even managed to reduce the service contract, as we have no high work load involved in keeping them up to speed. Thanks to the Lean-On Application Accelerator. No physical changes has been made, except adding some extra disks, and we are able to double the speed on the current platform. With less than 6 months remaining on a 3 years period we are ready to continue for year 4.

The customer has in their 3 years budget frame not received any unexpected invoices from Lean-On. The key take aways with Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform were:

  • Easy transition – all inclusive
  • A lot of speed and agility
  • Easy integration into the existing environment
  • High user satisfaction
  • Reallocation and focus of all IT staff resources towards the users = business support
  • No budget surprises
  • Purchase of purpose fit hardware and software – no brands

Long story short: Not a bad result for version 1 of the Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform!


The Lean-On Application Accelerator has landed – big time !

The Legacy

Since Lean-On ceased to operate as a Value Added Distributor in 2009, we have concentrated our efforts in building supreme IT solutions for our customers. We consider ourselves as high-end integrators. That is about to change very soon with the launch of the Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform.

We have since 2009 and prior to that, through our partners, delivered many pain killers. Issues like slow keyboard response, latency, screen rotation lag, no agility, have for years caused dissatisfied users and reduced productivity as a result. So even when we delivered the best optimised Citrix solution to our customers, we never obtained happy feedback from the users. But no more! Welcome to the new era, welcome to your Accelerator, the solution that increases your user speed and productivity to unprecedented levels.

The Lean-On Application Accelerator- V3

Over the last 6 years we have been blessed in the way we have been allowed to deliver key solutions to our Citrix customers in relation to Storage, Networking and High End Computing (HPC). These great customer of ours trusted us to design and implement their pain killers.

The process has given us unique knowledge, enabling us to assess the requirements for delivering the most outstanding point solutions in each area. One day we said: Let us bring it all together. And we did. With the Lean-On Application Accelerator Platform we combine everything into one solution that is simply in a unique balance. It is a monster setup that basically takes the breath away from the users and the administrators. Even the CFOs become advocates everytime we get a chance to present our ideas. Budgets that are kept, lean methodology, easy cockpit services and compliance are some of the keywords for the CFO.

One leading CFO even stated: Lean-On bings a modern user oriented AS/400 back to the market. Whenever we use that phrase and comparison, everybody starts to smile.
Everything comes into a new balance where response times, agility, low latency and global access become the most simple requirements to deal with. The Accelerator centralizes everything into one single appliance, delivering at your fingertips all types of applications, ranging from Office on steroids to hardcore engineering applications such as Autodesk Inventor, Siemens COMOS, Aveva PDMS and more. We take care of them all, and we do it much differently compared to anyone else. Everything has been simplified, and everything fits together: Applications and back-end servers, networking and storage.

The result: an all-in-one rack, which we have created an enterprise solution that changes your company workspaces and productivity, bringing an entire new dynamic paradigm to your users. Some key numbers are:

  • 90 % reduction in your entire infrastructure
  • 90 % reduction in your spendings on hardware
  • 90 % savings in administration
  • 90 % reduction in the latency, when using the Accelerator compared to traditional IT.

And then speed – lots of speed. We do not care if you are 10 users or 5.000 concurrent users. The speed is there, linear scaled. If you need Pbytes of data, we are ready. And then the next issue: location location location. We support any office, remote branch, airplane, ship, offshore rigs and even the rainforest via satellite!

We have customers that upon initial tests required benchmarks and milestones in their evaluation of the Accelerator. Upon completion of the tests, they refused to share their benchmark numbers with us, because the numbers were too great, and for that reason they hardly believed them to be correct. We are not talking about 5-10 % better performance than they had hoped for. We had increased their capacity (productivity) with such large numbers that it had become classified information. Well, not being able to obtain the numbers, we knew that we were the top of the Ivy league! and they are our customers today.

The mission

So for us it is all about delivering to the users. We are user focused. We always have been user focused, for more than 25 years. We believe that the entire IT industry has forgotten the users, in the massive amount of IT spending, we have seen over the last many years. Datacenters, cloud providers and more have focused more on data security, that on the users who are responsible for the health situation in any organization in the world.

For companies that understand the symbioses of users and their ability to produce on IT applications, the Accelerator is a gift. And for those of you that feel endangered in terms of your job positions, don´t be. We are just changing the game into a direction, where requests from the organization can be executed faster and more effectively. You will be busy as ever.  The Accelerator is a game change, and you will see your IT increase by multiple factors in speed and agility.

So this is the first blog from me, The CTO of Lean-On. I am proud to be the one that announces the Accelerator. For me it is the most important contribution to infrastructure, since the first PC was released in the early 80´s, because we have matured the PC desktop, combining enterprise need for productivity and business support, with an unprecedented user experience.  I will be following up on many of the use cases, where the Accelerator simply wipes out any expectation you may have for IT usage. I will make sure that the unlimited advantages that come along with the Accelerator, are being brought to you on a ongoing basis. Also I will, as we go along, break some of the elements down into smaller pieces, as cases on how customers have become successful are very different from case to case.

No going back to the future here, the first Accelerator was delivered in December 2012. The Accelerator is being delivered to the market today, and has been recognized by some of the largest organizations, as their future foundation for IT.
And it does not even need a Flux capacitor !
This is a big day for us…