Your Security is Our Priority

Responsibly adopting advanced technologies requires a critical eye on cybersecurity and data privacy. Because the Lean-On Cloud with Citrix’ technologies is designed around centralized delivery, visibility and control of apps and data, security is built into the core of solutions and practices.

Defending Against Cyber-attacks in Your Hybrid, Multi-cloud Infrastructure

Citrix ADC is an application delivery and load balancing solution that provides a high-quality user experience for your web, traditional, and cloud-native applications regardless of where they are hosted. It provides simple single pane management and operational consistency among hybrid, multi-cloud deployments as well as comprehensive L3 – L7 security for your applications & APIs.

As businesses increasingly rely on applications to function, we are, in effect, living in an application and API economy. The applications themselves and the APIs through which they communicate become the most valuable and most vulnerable assets. Protecting the applications from cyber-attacks in the hybrid, multi-cloud is crucial to the business. This is complicated by the fact that apps are changing fast—and keeping up with the increasing number of threat vectors across the entire stack is challenging. Businesses need to ensure that application and API security is integrated, consistent, and cost effective at scale. This is enabled by Citrix ADC technologies in the Lean-On Cloud, making sure that proper security measures can be taken also in the future.

Security Engineered for Visibility and Control

In general Lean-On prioritizes high availability and resiliency over recovery. By
emphasizing an “always on” strategy, we minimize outages in the most common scenarios allowing for automatic recovery of failed services. This protects from the most common failures at a component, server, network, or data center level. The Disaster Recovery plan also covers traditional failover to another environment when necessary. By using Citrix technologies and leading security practices this enables us to do so.

Optimized WAN

Mobility & Collaboration

Advanced Security