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Your Innovative Partner in Cloud Technology

Lean-On A/S is one of Europe’s leading Cloud Solutions Providers of high-performance Software-as-a-Service and Cloud computing.

We provide the market’s best performing Desktop-as-a-Service and customer experience integrated seamlessly into a high-performance platform. This includes an ecosystem built for engineers and companies with high-demanding users and global needs. Lean-On enables users to take advantage of the full potential of their industrial applications, meet changing demands, and leverage digital drivers under the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

A Leading Cloud Provider

We are domain experts within centralized IT operations and desktop virtualization technologies. Moreover, we are eager to work on some of the most challenging problems within high-performance SaaS and HPC (High-performance Computing). A market-leading customer reference base proves our enthusiasm, and the way we seek the best solutions together with our customers.

Lean-On has globally leading know-how in world-renowned technologies from Apache CloudStack, Citrix, Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Supermicro, Nvidia, Ivanti, as well as suppliers of ZFS storage (Oracle, OmniOS and Nexenta), supplemented with in-house developed products.

Our Core Focus

The Lean-On High-performance Platform for SaaS

Is known for a holistic IT approach and recognized leading practices. All the relevant technologies create a fast, scalable and predictable infrastructure for the future.

High-Performance SaaS Best Practice

Lean-On’s best practice implementation from chipset to SaaS is ready to support innovative enterprise activities from all corners of the world. The infrastructure-as-a-Service setup enables a business to quickly scale up, out and down. You have a reduction in latency of up to 90%, and nanosecond speed with 1.000.000+ IOPS, enabling your virtual desktop to perform better than a local workstation.

Our core focus is to make the infrastructure between locations transparent. It is all accessible and provisioned by our CloudStack GUI enabling a hybrid cloud ability. This makes us one of Europe’s talented Cloud Solutions Providers.

Our CAD Virtualization Story
Our Technology Partners

A Close Dialogue with Product Development Creates the Best Results

A good network within vendor organizations and product development management takes our cloud where users want to be. All our technology partners are recognized worldwide for their cutting-edge technologies, all placed as leaders in Gartner’s Magic Quadrants.

Our Ecosystem for Innovation

Optimizing Value

Releasing your organization’s potential will drive down time-to-market, improve quality, reduce cost, and improve a company’s competitiveness significantly. But how? Lean-on adds business agility and can help you gain engineering momentum with cloud virtualization of CAD environments. Agility through virtualization is one thing. However, maximizing business value is taken to the next level by having a whole ecosystem of partners to support you. Next to our technical partners contributing to what our cloud fabric is today, we are also continuously building an ecosystem for innovation, where we carefully select partners that together with Lean-On can create synergy and value for our customers.

Our Innovation Partners


Data needs to be transferred between the various departments and systems without loss of quality. Often, it’s a case of automating the transfer of information from one database or system to another (CAD, SAP, Windchill, the spreadsheet that everyone’s been using for years, etc.). Business digitalization needs to happen. BoostPLM has specialized in how to how to get your PLM industry 4.0 ready, go digital and boost your business.

Tick Cad

Tick Cad’s primary focus is based on Autodesk’s solutions for industry, design and construction. Tick Cads team of experts offer training, advice and consultancy to companies that want to make the most valuable use of their design data. Tick Cad offers all types of consulting, support, installation and programming for Autodesk Inventor, Vault and Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, Bluebeam and 3D scanning.


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