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Your Innovative Partner in Cloud Technology

Lean-On A/S is one of Europe’s leading Cloud Solutions Providers of high-performance VDI and Cloud computing.

We provide the market’s best performing VDI services and customer experience integrated seamlessly into a high-performance platform. This includes an ecosystem built for engineers and companies with high-demanding users and global needs. Lean-On enables users to take advantage of the full potential of their industrial applications, meet changing demands, and leverage digital drivers under the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

A Leading Cloud Provider

We are domain experts within centralized IT operations and desktop virtualization technologies. Moreover, we are eager to work on some of the most challenging problems within high-performance VDI and HPC. A market-leading customer reference base proves our enthusiasm, and the way we seek the best solutions together with our customers.

Lean-On has globally leading know-how in world-renowned technologies from Apache CloudStack, Citrix, Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Supermicro, Nvidia, Ivanti, as well as suppliers of ZFS storage (Oracle, OmniOS and Nexenta), supplemented with in-house developed products.

Our Core Focus

The Lean-On High-performance Platform for VDI

Is known for a holistic IT approach and recognized leading practices. All the relevant technologies create a fast, scalable and predictable infrastructure for the future.

High-Performance VDI Best Practice

Lean-On’s best practice implementation from chipset to VDI is ready to support innovative enterprise activities from all corners of the world. The infrastructure-as-a-Service setup enables a business to quickly scale up, out and down. You have a reduction in latency of up to 90%, and nanosecond speed with 1.000.000+ IOPS, enabling your virtual desktop to perform better than a local workstation.

Our core focus is to make the infrastructure between locations transparent. It is all accessible and provisioned by our CloudStack GUI enabling a hybrid cloud ability. This makes us one of Europe’s talented Cloud Solutions Providers.

Our CAD Virtualization Story


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