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Lean-On Helps You Get Started

Taking out Infrastructure Complexity

  • A virtual desktop service should be as easy as turning on the power.
  • The service is based on a fixed monthly fee per user – no surprising consumption costs.
  • A Lean-On VDI Cloud agreement is typically 48 months.
  • Advanced Cloud Services provides the daily operational excellence delivering a unique user experience 24/7/365.

How to Get Started with Lean-On VDI Cloud


4 Simple Steps:

1. Cloud Assessment 

To establish the best user experience in your business, we have to start with your business values and requirements in mind, lining up your business needs on an initial meeting. From here we match cloud services that provide the most optimal services for precisely your requirements to a VDI cloud setup. It is about creating a check list, and discover and map out exactly your business values and requirements that need to be met. From here, a matching digital experience platform with us can evolve. A demo-environment can be established based on these initial findings, so you can get an impression of how a Lean-On VDI Fabric can be beneficial to your business.

2. Agreement and Migration Plan: Bridging the Gap with Lean-On – Design Thinking with a Value-mindset

In the next phase of the design process we are now ready to bridge the gap between your current infrastructure and an established high-performance VDI cloud infrastructure, optimized for your business. This is all outlined in an agreement. Following the agreement, everything is detailed in a project plan focusing on meeting milestones, and allocating the right resources at the right time for your transition and transformation projects.

3. Cloud Transition: Transitioning into our Cloud Landing Zone

A sound governance and operational model is key to successful cloud migration. A landing zone is our configured environment with a standard set of secured cloud infrastructure, policies, best practices, guidelines, and centrally managed services, making a 1:1 migration of your environment into the VDI cloud. It is the first step in the cloud migration journey for your infrastructure. With established and automated workflows, the migration is fast, and hence we will have users productive from the cloud, offering a quick Transition with minimum of downtime.

4. Cloud Transformation: Transforming the Way You Work 

Lean-On moves your infrastructure away from the landing zone, updating the infrastructure into the Lean-On VDI Cloud. This is a relatively fast process according to automation and standardization tools and workflows that come with Lean-On’s best practices and cloud services. These are the best prerequisites for you to achieve the desired financial gains and business values such as further business agility and innovation ability set forth in the steps above. You now have an agile and high-performing digital workspace for your users.

Would you Like to Know More?

Do you have questions in regard to our VDI Cloud Fabric? Let’s answer them and give you some ideas on how to secure the future of your business through agile and innovative IT.

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