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The Most Competitive Price Model

A Monthly Fee per User

In order to be competitive, manufacturers are not only under significant pressure to have the fastest time-to-market possible, but also to do so at the lowest cost possible.

Deploying industry software through cloud-based virtual desktops enables them to do this, and the setup of Lean-On’s cloud delivers the most competitive pricing when it comes to vGPU power at nano-second speed, for both graphic and compute intensive applications.

Lean-On pricing
Lean-On User Types

What Types of Users Does the Lean-On Cloud Platform Support?

Our VDI Services are designed for resource intensive applications, where we can operate complex virtual desktops including network, storage, licenses for the datacenter and backup etc. We also support virtual desktops for lighter usage.

The monthly user fee is dependent on business requirements and is always tailored to your needs. Our flexible and transparent user types allow you to put together the perfect mix to match your business.

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What is the Term of the Contract?

At Lean-On we are committed to supporting you and your business, and to building a long-term partnership. Therefore, our contracts usually run for 3-4 years.

What Does the Monthly Fee Cover?

There are no hidden costs in our monthly user fee. It includes all datacenter hardware, network, storage, licenses for the datacenter and backup.

We continuously integrate cloud computing services into our platform, including monitoring, documentation, patch management and reporting to ensure proactive troubleshooting, complete uptime, and a unique user experience.

Lean-On pricing structure
lean-on pricing

Is There a Minimum User Requirement?

In each individual use and business case we optimize our solution according to your business requirements, and always have a look at the total cost of ownership, taking all the factors into account such as:

  • Annual hardware costs
  • Productivity improvement on application management and use
  • The amount of non-productive time – e.g. wait time for synchronization and replication of data
  • Utility costs – power and cooling
  • Cost of traditional maintenance per workstation
  • Estimated time used for maintenance, and support of IT department and the user

An optimized TCO is of course essential, no matter how many users, you have working on our platform. Having based our platform on a per user pr. month fee our price structure is transparent, and you can avoid budgetary surprises, which is less likely on consumption based pricing models.

What are our Internal IT Responsibilities?

Application Updates and Upgrades
In this Infrastructure-as-a-Service setup, internal IT staff still handle updates and upgrades of user applications. In case of changes/upgrades, Lean-On must be notified. If operational problems arise as a result of the changes made, the last known working version of the customer’s solution will be returned. All changes that include the OS and operating systems are maintained and updated by Lean-On.

Data Lines and Rerouting
Unless otherwise agreed, you are responsible for ensuring that data lines are rerouted and ready for use. Lean-On is happy to participate in the process and assists in aiming for the various conditions to be coordinated on an ongoing basis.

Request for Change
If you require a change to the platform you prepare and forward a Request for Change to Lean-On.

Capacity Increase and SLA
Lean-On ensures the capacity in the IT infrastructure and the service levels comply with the agreed service levels. You inform about desired changes in IT infrastructure, or changes in business or operation that will or could possibly influence the load on the IT infrastructure, and we adjust capacity levels and agreement accordingly.

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