Applications Without Limits

The Lean-On Cloud Platform is an unlimited central IT infrastructure optimized to all types of users right from the engineer with high-end engineering CAD and CFD applications with e.g. drawings of large factories, to management with ERP and BI applications and all users in between. The business case is obvious:

  • Fewer manual operations for engineers and architects, providing a faster time-to-market,
  • the security of having critical company data stored centrally,
  • as well as flexible and mobile employees who can work from any location globally and locally.

Virtual GPU: Full Digital Transformation Capability

GPU-accelerated virtual desktops have become commonplace. As the software we use becomes more demanding for graphics, hardware and the ROI improves.

As Citrix XenServer in 2010 was the first hypervisor to deliver virtual GPU support, Lean-On pioneered in the delivery of GPU supported virtual desktops. Today Lean-On delivers a unique high-end user experience to all types of users from designers to mobile professionals and knowledge workers globally —even in the most challenging network conditions, in all regions of the world.

Leveraging High-Performance Cloud Computing

With our platform Lean-On is extremely focused on creating a paradigm shift in cloud services within engineering, design and production. Get an insight into why we have customers running 40+ engineering applications on our platform today, and how our services enable the unique user experience on our platform, whether running Microsoft Office and ERP or Autodesk and Ansys applications.

Our High-Performance Private Cloud Computing


A reduction in latency of up to 90%, and nano-second speed with 1.000.000+ IOPS, enable your virtual desktop to perform better than a local workstation.

You have a platform available, tailored to heavy IO-intensive workloads.  VDI connectivity provides mobile access to nano-second speed and zettabytes capacity


Productivity improvements on application management and use. Centralizing administrator rights and flexible use of global resources and improved workflows between companies and departments.

Time to Market

Employees at sites around the world as well as collaborators around the world get online access to the latest updated data – having one single set of data centrally located. Combined with considerably lower computation times this reduces the overall project completion time significantly.

CAD Virtualization

Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud

IaaS for Business Applications