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High-performance Computing for All

The Lean-On Cloud platform adds the agility and flexibility required by the business, when it comes to HPC, regardless of the size of the organization. Now it is easy to get started with an HPC solution that matches business needs:

  • Scalability and speed are added to the organization’s HPC tasks with unprecedented results.
  • Optimization of workflows for HPC tasks, both internally and in relation to customers.
  • Reduction in computation times of the organization’s HPC tasks.
  • Easy addition of on-demand HPC resources to ad-hoc tasks, and simple on-the-fly adjustments.
  • Simplification and standardization of the IT environment, resulting in simple application lifecycle management, with easy upgrades to the latest software versions.
  • Access to all business-critical Windows-based HPC applications regardless of geography.
  • Provisioning of unique opportunities to shorten time-to-market.

Download the Lean-On HPC Simulation Services data sheet here.

Our HPC Simulation Services

Let AI Benefit Your Business

Discover hidden insights from your data and contents – extensive customer behavior analysis, buying cycles, retention rate analysis and more. Now you have an easy way to get started with a simple and powerful platform. It provides the unique compute power enabling discovery of new patterns and relationships from your data.

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