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High-Performance Private Cloud Computing

The Lean-On VDI cloud fabric and services provide a unique private cloud platform and system, which can support any type of demands, in a secure, personalized and global connected user landscape. This IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) concept is suitable for all types of users, making them more mobile and productive in their everyday work life, no matter geography, device and application. This goes right from the financial controller working in MS Office and ERP, to the engineer working in CAD applications with drawings containing 1.6-11 mill. components, or making intensive HPC simulations.

From Windows Apps to High-end 3D and HPC Simulations

The platform is integrated with your organization’s existing infrastructure. This “datacenter in a box” can be located in Lean-On’s datacenter, but it can also be located on-premise or at a 3rd location in a hybrid cloud setup. The platform has a complete integration with existing cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft (Azure) as well.

Fast ROI and Agility for all Business Units

Create a foundation for an ongoing increase in user experience, when it comes to workflow, data sharing and datamining. Here are some examples:

  • Increasing productivity by taking the use of your engineering resources from business hours to 24/7
  • Cutting project time-to-market in half
  • Best practice security and operations excellence

Holistic Approach and Leading Practices

Lean-On has worked with Citrix and global VDI installations since the early 90’s. Given our experience, our overriding focus is the user experience, hence taking a holistic approach. Based upon a close collaboration with application owners,

Lean-On has optimized development of platform and services in relation to CAD and computation, since the Citrix HDX 3D Pro technology came out in 2008.


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CAD Virtualization

Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud

IaaS for Business Applications


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