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High-Performance Private Cloud Computing

We are one of Europe’s leading Cloud Solutions Providers of high-performance VDI and Cloud computing.

We provide the market’s best performing VDI services and customer experience, seamlessly integrated into a high-performance platform, including an ecosystem built for engineers and companies with high-demanding users and global needs.

Get unique user experience with Lean-On High Performance VDI.

Lean-On VDI

Work from Anywhere on Any Device

Bring Together the Best Talent Worldwide

The Lean-On VDI cloud fabric and services provide a unique private cloud platform and system, which can support any type of demand, in a secure, personalized and global connected user landscape.

This IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) concept is suitable for all types of users, making them more mobile and productive in their everyday work life, no matter geography, device and application. This goes right from the financial controller working in MS Office and ERP, to the engineer working in CAD applications with drawings containing 1.6-11 mill. components, or making intensive HPC simulations.

Run High Intensive Applications

From Windows Apps to High-end 3D and HPC Simulations

With the Lean-On cloud platform you get fast ROI and Agility for all Business Units. Create a foundation for an ongoing increase in user experience, when it comes to workflow, data sharing and data mining. Here are some examples:

  • Increasing productivity by taking the use of your engineering resources from business hours to 24/7
  • Cutting project time-to-market in half
  • Best practice security and operations excellence
Lean-On VDI
Lean-On VDI Cloud

Keep Your Data Safe

Operational reliability & Cutting-Edge Data Centers

Lean-On enables you to work in realtime on centralized datasets without compromising data integrity, doing away with data on local machines. You have a strategic platform and process for company data, and avoid many versions of the same dataset, always having company data behind firewall.

We know it takes trust to outsource your data storage. Therefore, we are constantly working to reach the highest level of safety in our data centers.

Scale With Ease

Meet your Business Needs – Today & Tomorrow

Have scalability and readiness at hand to be able to meet future business demands. A powerful high-performance platform that connects the team with relevant services, ensures preparedness within the IT department before a new business need arises.

Information must be available on demand as users need it—and apps must perform reliably and securely, wherever and whenever they are used.

With Lean-On agile cloud services you can easily scale to adapt to your business needs – and also get full budget transparency.

Lean-On VDI

Get Operational Excellence

Predictability in the Business

Because manufacturers are under pressure to get products to market fast, they cannot afford any application downtime. Every minute of work lost for power users is large sums of money lost for the business. To ensure that manufacturing technology is always available, Lean-On’s cloud enables cutting edge disaster recovery. In other words, when infrastructure goes down in your primary location, workloads will automatically failover to another datacenter – with no impact on end-user experience.

Lean-On’s Cloud Computing Services for monitoring, documentation, alarms, reporting, and patch management are sophisticated and an important part of the quality control process. The services provide operational excellence for your IT.

Your Innovative Partner

Holistic Approach and Leading Practices with Lean-On

Lean-On has worked with Citrix and global VDI installations since the early 90’s. Given our experience, our overriding focus is the user experience, hence taking a holistic approach. Based on a close collaboration with application owners, Lean-On has optimized development of platform and services in relation to CAD and computation, since the Citrix HDX 3D Pro technology came out in 2008.


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