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Context-aware Workspaces in a User-Centric World

Flexibility for the User – Control for IT

Personalized Workspace Control

Workspace Control in the Lean-On cloud provide a consistent user experience across desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones — while still applying the appropriate resource limitations as workers move from office to home to the road.

Whether it is meeting software licensing agreements or adhering to regulatory restrictions, Workspace Control allows IT to set, enforce, and report on granular policy rules at the user level. IT gains control over user behavior while still providing the necessary access to resources to keep users productive, plus the ability to document and demonstrate compliance.

Identity Management Automated for Today and Tomorrow’s Demands

Cloud and mobile have transformed the way IT delivers services to the business. Without an automated way to manage identities, IT has a difficult time managing complex access rules. With Identity Management technologies, the Lean-On Cloud can provide an attribute-based approach to identity management and access with automated provisioning, workflows, and self-service. People get the right levels of access based on their identity, giving them the ability to stay productive, while the business remains secure.

One of the Key Capabilities: Onboarding/Offboarding in the Lean-On Cloud

Automated onboarding provides access, and can provision employees with services, applications, and devices. When employees’ roles or responsibilities change, access is adjusted automatically as needed. When people leave an organization, automated offboarding ensures quick and efficient cancellation of account access and privileges, while ensuring policy consistency and reducing the risk of security breaches.