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Non-disruptive and Responsive Transition and Transformation.

Design Thinking with a Value-Mindset

If we want to create the best user experience framework, we must start with the business values in mind. Together we line up business values, and from that you can start to investigate matching hybrid cloud services that provide the most optimal services for precisely your requirements to a hybrid cloud and SaaS world.

We support you in creating a check list, and discover and map out exactly your business values that need to be met. From that, a matching digital experience platform can evolve. Only on this foundation, Transition and Transformation take shape. All through the process, risk is clearly defined and managed within your business environment, and threats are clearly identified and mitigation plans developed.

With a business value playbook and a thorough process with applications managers scoping the project, we enable your organization to go through the Transition and Transformation process in a non-disruptive and responsive manner.

Following a successful completion of Transition, the move from current location to Lean-On, the Transformation phase takes place. This phase is based on the established business values, describes the jointly agreed infrastructure upgrade, undertaken to enhance business values, productivity and agility.