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Optimizing Administration, Workflows and User Experience

Every business unit wants to stay as agile as possible, meeting the ever-changing demands in the market. Enabling agility comes from optimizing administration, workflows, and user flexibility in the daily tasks.

The users need the best applications enabling them to do their tasks the most effective way. Therefore, IT has moved into the business units in the recent years. Systems are now specified and deployed by departments other than the IT department, with the risk of shadow IT rising to an unprecedented level.

With an agile VDI infrastructure there is no need to take matters into the business unit’s own hands. In a simple and easy way, the IT department can easily at the business unit’s request, deploy the most optimal Windows and SaaS apps to the users’ virtual desktop, without compromising security – from Office and ERP applications – to resource intensive industry applications.

A Centralized IT Infrastructure Creates Effective Workflows in the Business Unit.

With a VDI infrastructure, the backend can be scaled and customized to the specific user task. IT can consider where users log in from, what type of client device they are using, how much compute power they require to get their job done etc. A holistic and context-aware approach that makes the user experience and user productivity unique, creating value for the business unit, hence the entire organization.

Reducing Hardware and Software Costs

With VDI, users can access applications from any device – from workstations and laptops, to thin-clients, tablets and smart phones. No need for PCs that are expensive in maintenance and labor intensive.

Improving Security

With the VDI infrastructure the business unit does not need to worry about security, whenever the users need a new application or are travelling. No critical data is stored locally on laptops, and users have no need to be local administrators. Intellectual property and application customizations are securely stored on central servers, available for all relevant users within the business unit to use, and can be restored to the business unit if needed.

Enhancing Backup

Data loss is prevented with VDI. Meeting the risk of theft of devices with data locally stored, a business unit has all critical data centrally stored, also meeting compliance of GDPR etc. The business unit does not need to worry about backup of user devices, leaving IT to handle all aspects central backup and restore.


Utilize the Full Potential of All Industrial Applications Through Virtualization of CAD Applications and Other Intensive Apps

Imagine the ability to secure years of work spent on application optimization. You remove administrative rights in order to centralize customizations, so all relevant power users have access to your organization’s optimized engineering applications. By doing so, you have central protection of intellectual property.

Scalable Access to the Latest CPU & GPU, and Interconnected Services

Become part of an ecosystem built for engineers, enabling a global workforce. and global sourcing of knowledge workers. You can deploy virtual desktops within minutes and hours, and not within days. Quick on-boarding/off -boarding of the best talent means reduced project time.

Increase hardware resources with one mouse click in the Lean-On cloud which also enables you to have multiple test and development environments. You avoid local file server and synchronization of several vaults and have an infrastructure with fast load and save times on the central servers.

Virtualization of CAD Applications lean-on

Increase Productivity with up to 15%

Centralized customizations to your engineering apps can be used by all relevant designers and engineers. Work effectively with productivity improvements on application management and usage. Instead of local troubleshooting, knowledge is shared, and issues are solved centrally.

Engineering at Nanosecond Speed

With cloud-based VDI you have a backbone of GPU-intensive servers at your disposal, when working with the organization’s resource-intensive engineering applications. With 1.000.000+ IOPS at nanosecond speed, it enables your virtual desktop to perform better than a local workstation.

Optimization to the Precise Tasks at Hand

From chipset to VDI, all the technologies included in the Lean-on Cloud are optimized to each other in a unique way, and to the precise task at hand – from Autodesk and SolidWorks, to Ansys and MATLAB.


Cloud-based HPC – Your Instant Access to High-Performance Computing

Transform your on-premise HPC system into a powerful, flexible cloud infrastructure to support scalable workloads, enabling time to market acceleration.

Reduce capital expenditures: Avoid massive amount of capital and time for deployment

Lean-On HPC Services have a scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service setup via a plug-and-play VDI platform providing access to flexible, varied, pay-as-you-go HPC resources. At the same time, you avoid management of these assets and spending a massive amount of capital and time to deploy them.

High-performance computing is all about scale and speed. And when you’re backed by Lean-On’s state-of-the-art VDI infrastructure, you can accelerate your most complex HPC workloads’ time to completion. Competitive pricing helps you stay within budget to convert ideas into discoveries, hypotheses into cures, and inspirations into products.

Transformed IT Agility: Include HPC as a Part of Your Virtual Engineering Desktop

Two mega-trends are driving an increase in cloud-based HPC services: The growth of big data and the increasing need to process it to find business insights. This can now be integrated into a high-performance VDI infrastructure for all types of users in your organization in a simple and uncomplicated way.

Dynamic scaling removes compute capacity as a bottleneck and instead allows customers to right-size their infrastructure for the requirements of their jobs.

HPC for All!

More and more companies are recognizing the value of data, but many do not have on-premises infrastructure that can process it efficiently and may not have the capital to invest in such infrastructure. Get started with HPC with a service at Lean-On. The platform meets the needs of both power users who need to expand capacity quickly as well as those building their organizations on a budget.


Engineering simulation has long been constrained by fixed computing resources available on a desktop or cluster. Today, however, cloud computing with Lean-On can deliver the on-demand, high-performance computing (HPC) capacity required for faster, high-fidelity results offering greater performance insight.

Right-sizing – Extend Capacity when Needed

Many are looking to the cloud to lease high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities that supplement their existing IT capacity. By tapping into on-demand cloud resources as needed, your organization can access high-end computing power without the additional capital investment of building and maintaining your own HPC cluster.