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Operation Excellence and Optimized Collaborations Methods in Engineering and Across Companies

Having an IT platform that can support the growth of your business is of vital importance for your organization. According to Forrester, cloud-based virtualization will surpass on-premises VDI to improve scalability and manageability. Lean-On supports many of these elements with our advanced cloud services.

Utilizing a Global Workforce

New knowledge workers can now be onboarded within a few hours, no matter the location, from Slovakia to India.

An Agile IT Infrastructure Setup for Mergers and Acquisitions

With cloud-based VDI you have a simplified, centralized and scalable infrastructure that can easily integrate new subsidiaries and business areas.

Handling Compliance and GDPR

Work in real-time on centralized datasets without compromising data integrity, doing away with data on local machines. You have a strategic platform and process for company data, and avoid many versions of the same dataset, always having company data behind the firewall.

A Platform for Digitalization of Analogue Processes and Legacy Applications

At Lean-On we work out of the assumption that legacy applications are business critical applications, and we treat them as such. Microsoft and Citrix offer products to help digitize legacy applications and assist in application virtualization. They are integrated into our solution, and enable users to digitize and improve analogue workflows, leveraging productivity growth.

High Protection of IP

As cyberattacks become more sophisticated and as IT environments grow more complex, it’s becoming harder to keep your sensitive business data from falling into the wrong hands. Having end-to-end analytics that span network traffic, users, files, and devices to identify and stop threats is key to protecting the data that matters most.

Supporting Innovation

Lean-On supports cloud-first mandates, eliminates the complexity of legacy solutions, solves notorious performance problems, and brings new levels of security, flexibility, innovation, and agility to the business. That all adds up to a formula for accelerating business growth!