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Cloud-based HPC – Your Instant Access to High-Performance Computing

Transform your on-premise HPC system into a powerful, flexible cloud infrastructure to support scalable workloads, enabling time to market acceleration.

Reduce capital expenditures: Avoid massive amount of capital and time for deployment

Lean-On HPC Services have a scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service setup via a plug-and-play VDI platform providing access to flexible, varied, pay-as-you-go HPC resources. At the same time, you avoid management of these assets and spending a massive amount of capital and time to deploy them.

High-performance computing is all about scale and speed. And when you’re backed by Lean-On’s state-of-the-art VDI infrastructure, you can accelerate your most complex HPC workloads’ time to completion. Competitive pricing helps you stay within budget to convert ideas into discoveries, hypotheses into cures, and inspirations into products.

Transformed IT Agility: Include HPC as a Part of Your Virtual Engineering Desktop

Two mega-trends are driving an increase in cloud-based HPC services: The growth of big data and the increasing need to process it to find business insights. This can now be integrated into a high-performance VDI infrastructure for all types of users in your organization in a simple and uncomplicated way.

Dynamic scaling removes compute capacity as a bottleneck and instead allows customers to right-size their infrastructure for the requirements of their jobs.

HPC for All!

More and more companies are recognizing the value of data, but many do not have on-premises infrastructure that can process it efficiently and may not have the capital to invest in such infrastructure. Get started with HPC with a service at Lean-On. The platform meets the needs of both power users who need to expand capacity quickly as well as those building their organizations on a budget.


Engineering simulation has long been constrained by fixed computing resources available on a desktop or cluster. Today, however, cloud computing with Lean-On can deliver the on-demand, high-performance computing (HPC) capacity required for faster, high-fidelity results offering greater performance insight.

Right-sizing – Extend Capacity when Needed

Many are looking to the cloud to lease high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities that supplement their existing IT capacity. By tapping into on-demand cloud resources as needed, your organization can access high-end computing power without the additional capital investment of building and maintaining your own HPC cluster.