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Make the Complex Simple

For 2 decades Lean-On has worked with application owners on cloud virtualization of CAD environments. Through this process, we have gained experience in taking even the most resource intensive applications and delivering them with a unique user experience in an extreme speed VDI cloud. At the same time, the major focus of the platform, on reducing complexity to a minimum in the centralized environment, has made it easy for our customers to have mobile knowledge workers all around the world.

From Traditional On-Prem IT to Agile Cloud Services

Have scalability and readiness at hand to meet future business demands. A powerful high-performance platform that connects the team with relevant services, ensures preparedness within the IT department before a new business need arises. Information must be available on demand as users need it—and apps must perform reliably and securely, wherever and whenever they are used.

Transforming Operational Excellence into Unique User Flexibility

At Lean-On, operational excellence is about creating a company culture that will allow us to produce valuable services for our customers and together achieve long-term sustainable business value. This means operational excellence in the everyday IT tasks which enables you, to have the most optimized and future-ready cloud platform for your users.

Lean-On’s advanced cloud services for monitoring, documentation, alarms, reporting, and patch management are sophisticated, and an important part of the quality control process. The services empower your IT to have operational excellence, and your users to operatate with flexibility.

User Flexibility in Real Time

By centralizing data systems, you eliminate redundant infrastructure and introduce cost savings, while also making it easier for employees to submit data at the project location in real time.


Provision a high level of capacity flexibility with the Lean-On Cloud, meeting business demands in a fast and predictable way. Avoid a situation, where system capacity maxes out.

Quality Control as a Part of our DNA

When defining Quality Control and SLAs at Lean-On, we focus on the entire user experience from performance and access, to security. User experience is a critical built-in part of our contracts and our advanced cloud services.

"The addition of a private cloud at Lean-On, has meant a true extension of our own on-premise private cloud/datacenter. Now we provide a platform that can leverage workflows, supporting the corporate strategies and procedures."

Andritz Feed & Biofuel A/S

Stop Fighting Fires in IT Operations:
5 Ways of How You Take Control with Lean-On VDI Cloud

1, 360° visibility

Full visibility across SaaS, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. IT needs the visibility and control required to respond to the new non-location bound ways people work.

Also the cloud has end-to-end visibility on the performance of the hardware running your applications. Easily monitor, grow and optimize your application environment according to business priority across VDI cloud infrastructures.

2. Business Intent-based IT

You hired the best talent to leverage the business. Let them be their best by having business intent-based IT. Redefine what it means to work better with Lean-On’s cloud. With innovative workspaces to organize and guide work, it’s easier than ever to keep star performers effective and engaged.

3. Secure Increased Processing Power in Endpoint Devices and Thin-Clients

Users often complain about the difficulties they face in traditional desktop computing. Common examples include high-availability needs and on-demand storage and performance expectations which the standard computing model cannot meet. With VDI we can scale the size of the VDI user profile depending on user requirements. A change of the VDI profile size is done within minutes, ensuring a unique performance of ressource-intensive workloads from any device.

4. Scale with the Capabilities of Engineering Applications

High-performance computing is extremely important for modern fundamental and applied science and engineering. Our solutions scale up or scale out, to suit your workloads and economic requirements.

Which Windows Desktop OS updates are most important for our infrastructure requirements? Which Windows Server OS is best suited for our applications now, in the short-term and in the long-term? Questions are many. We have a holistic approach to your infrastructure in the cloud and decide on a strategy with your IT management and application managers.

Shorter and shorter feature-update cycles and new capabilities launched at unprecedented speed in all types of applications today for 3D, AI and more, make it impossible for IT departments to keep up. At Lean-On, our high-performance VDI subject matter team of experts have their entire focus on ongoing improvements to our high-performance cloud computing platform.

5. Create Agile and Stable Data Transmission

Network optimization with SD-WAN and WAN-optimization enables your users to work with even resource-intensive applications such as CAD/CAM applications or simulation tools from all corners of the world. Our platform technologies reduce latency with up to 90%.