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Lost Data is a Worst-case Scenario for Every Business

Lean-On enables you to work in realtime on centralized datasets without compromising data integrity, doing away with data on local machines. You have a strategic platform and process for company data, and avoid many versions of the same dataset, always having company data behind firewall.

When you lose data, data is not the only thing you lose. Revenue and reputation also suffer. Operational reliability is crucial in our work with your data. Power outages, force majeure and cybercrime are 100% within our domain of responsibility – to help you feel completely safe.

In our data centers, you have a location for your IT solution, that lives up to every security measure and demand you may have. For you, it means streamlined and secure day-to-day business, and peace of mind to focus on the most important activities in your business.

We know it takes trust to outsource your data storage. Therefore, we are constantly working to reach the highest level of safety in our data centers.

Our work is based on the standards ISAE 3432 and ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 22301. Furthermore, we work with dedicated contingency plans and crisis management to always stay at the forefront of security issues. This is your guarantee for optimal data security and is the basis of our promise to you that your data is always safe with us.

The Cutting-Edge Data Center Locations Based in Denmark

All our data centers based in Denmark are equipped with:

  • Redundant diesel generator, ready in case of power outage
  • Fire protection (aspiration system and Inergen/Argonite)
  • Redundant cooling system
  • UPS’s to ensure stable power flow
  • Facility surveillance via technical alarms and sensors
  • Access control (e.g. personalized admittance cards, fingerprint scanners, codes)
  • Video surveillance

In the entire Lean-On cloud security solution the above is combined with leading software-centric application delivery technologies from Citrix, and through best practices in design.

Simple GDPR Compliance

Lean-On’s platform is a Danish private cloud solution, only with data center locations in Denmark. Thus, it is of critical value for the global organization to know that data never leaves country borders. Our technicians are only located in Denmark, not in the US or India. which might be more likely when you use a public cloud service.

Furthermore, combined with a cutting-edge data center location, the use of Citrix technologies provides a foundation of confidentiality, integrity and availability across all types of on-premises, hybrid cloud and public cloud IT environments.

Comprehensive L3 – L7 Security

Through Citrix ADC technologies, our platform defends your applications from unauthorized access with built-in access control lists and firewalling capabilities. It also provides contextual access to applications through flexible multi-factor authentication, and secures data in transit with high performance TLS/SSL encryption and decryption.

Analytics, Apps and User Behavior

Advanced analytics help us identify user behaviors, determine risk profiles, and assess and address potential threats within an expanding network environment.

Visibility in the Lean-On Cloud into app and user behavior enables us to detect potential threats to proactively remediate and mitigate risk.

"We can now fulfill corporate growth strategies and improve productivity for the users, worldwide."

Babcock & Wilcox Vølund A/S

Secure File Sharing

Keep employee and business information safe with bank-level data encryption and more than 25 customizable security settings. Give the right people the right level of access. Establish permission controls to grant or limit secure access to team members and clients.

Identify Threats and Improve Your Security Posture

Analyze data across all your applications and separate critical security issues from a tsunami of data so that you can easily identify threats and take action to improve your security posture. Discover which applications are under attack, how frequently they are being attacked, where the attacks are coming from, if there is a trend to the attacks, and the type of attack like DDoS, bot, and SQL injection.