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Gone are the days where IT was a cost center, and buying IT was line items and SKUs. To be successful today, IT must be an innovation center that initially looks at business values and strategies, and invest in total and unified services accordingly.

The more we can simplify infrastructure and workflows, the more users can focus on what is important for the business. Applying different aspects of IT, i.e. accessing SaaS applications, network drives, zero trust security etc. – should be as simple as turning on the power switch on the wall, all the while keeping the core focus on creating value for the business.

Businesses want to put their applications where it makes most sense, most often ending up with a hybrid cloud scenario. Simplification and operational consistency of such a setup, places great demands on a holistic approach to infrastructure, in combination with a thorough knowledge of the business. Simplification can only happen when these components are in place. Where you place your applications and data has to match accordingly.

Keeping data in-house

Private Cloud On-premise or with Lean-On

With some applications and data, it simply makes sense to keep them on-premise, due to security, GDPR or performance reasons etc. With the Lean-On platform on-site you can have a private cloud matching the required needs for your applications and data providing optimized business value all in your data center on-premise.   

Agility in optimizing the best location for your apps and data

The Hybrid Cloud

Lean-On offers a hybrid cloud environment that can scale exponentially according requirements of computing power and storage. The platform provides a future-proof solution, and a solution that ensures the readiness for change that users and the market demand.

Managing and controlling data across a hybrid cloud often becomes complex. At Lean-On we have therefore made it simple with the right optimization and the right tools for the task in one and the same platform, when it comes to all types of data from CAD to SQL etc. In the platform we have secured and optimized with regard to the different types of data, as well as the network they need to cross.

Keeping the business lean - focus on core business

Moving to Public Cloud

Free up time and IT talent. Without the responsibility of managing a datacenter, IT teams can focus their time and talent on more revenue-generating activities – new features and innovations that can improve your customers’ experience and give you an edge over your competition. Lean-On can take you on this journey as our platform is public and multi-cloud ready, in all aspects of user experience and security.