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Unique User Experience with Lean-On High Performance VDI

We are one of Europe’s leading Cloud Solutions Providers of high-performance VDI and Cloud computing.

We provide the market’s best performing VDI services and customer experience, seamlessly integrated into a high-performance platform, including an ecosystem built for engineers and companies with high-demanding users and global needs.

Learn more about Lean-On and how we can help you transform your IT-Infrastructure. About Lean-On

Work from Anywhere

on Any Device

Lean-On VDI
  • All types of users
  • All regions of the world
  • All Network Conditions

Run High Intensive


  • Unique User Experience
  • High-performance CAD/CAM with extreme speed and low latency
  • Turn up productivity
  • Cut project time-to-market in half
  • Collaborate real-time

Keep Your

Data Safe

  • Operational excellence
  • Centrally stored data in DK

Scale With


  • Adapt to business needs with centralized infrastructure
  • Get full budget transparency

Get Onboard and Take out Infrastructure Complexity

Want to secure the future of your business through agile and innovative IT? A virtual desktop service should be as easy as turning on the power. Hence, Advanced Cloud Services provide the daily operational excellence delivering a unique user experience 24/7/365.

With 4 simple steps you can transform the way you work by making an easy Transition and Transformation into the Lean-On VDI Cloud. Learn more about our onboarding process here.


Transparent Pricing Model

To be competitive, manufacturers are not only under significant pressure to have the fastest time-to-market possible, but also to do so at the lowest cost possible.

Deploying industry software through cloud-based virtual desktops enables them to do this, and the setup of Lean-On’s cloud delivers the most competitive pricing when it comes to vGPU power at nanosecond speed, for both graphic and compute intensive applications.

With a fixed fee per user per month, we offer a transparent and flexible pricing model.

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