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As an innovative partner, we offer you …

One of the leading Cloud Solution Providers of high-performance Software-as-a-Service and cloud computing.

Our talented team provides you the market’s best performing SaaS services and customer experience, seamlessly integrated into a high-performance platform. This includes an ecosystem built for engineers and companies with high-demanding users and global needs.

Learn more about Lean-On and how we can help you transform your IT-Infrastructure. Providing you the best performance and user experience is what matters to us.


Work from Anywhere

on Any Device

Lean-On VDI
  • All types of users
  • All regions of the world
  • All Network Conditions

Run High Intensive


  • Unique User Experience
  • High-performance CAD/CAM with extreme speed and low latency
  • Turn up productivity
  • Cut project time-to-market in half
  • Collaborate real-time

Keep Your

Data Safe

  • Operational excellence
  • Centrally stored data in DK

Scale With


  • Adapt to business needs with centralized infrastructure
  • Get full budget transparency

Onboard our cloud:

Take out infrastructure complexity and transform your digital goals into reality

Do you want to secure the future of your business through agile and innovative IT? A virtual desktop service should be as easy as turning on the power. Hence, the Advanced Cloud Services from Lean-On provide you the daily operational excellence delivering a unique user experience 24/7/365.

With 4 simple steps you can transform the way you work by making an easy Transition and Transformation into the Lean-On DaaS Cloud. Learn more about our onboarding process here.


We offer a transparent pricing model

To be competitive, manufacturers are not only under significant pressure to have the fastest time-to-market possible, but also to do so at the lowest cost possible.

Cloud-based virtual desktops from Lean-On enable fast and secure user access to industry software from anywhere. Additionally, the setup of Lean-On’s cloud delivers the most competitive pricing when it comes to vGPU power at nanosecond speed, boosting the user experience and productivity of both graphic and compute intensive applications.

With a fixed fee per user per month, we offer a transparent and flexible pricing model.

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Transform your business today

  • Do you have questions about our cloud platform and services?
  • Need help getting started?
  • Interested in a demo of the Lean-On Cloud?
  • Looking for further pricing information?

Let us enable you to exploit the full potential of your ressource intensive applications so you can fully accommodate changing market demands and strengthen digital drivers.

Book a meeting or a Teams session today and let us discuss the opportunities for further development of your IT infrastructure.