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Leveraging local and global IT services through a hybrid cloud setup.



ANDRITZ is an international technology group providing plants, systems, equipment, and services for various industries. The company is one of the technology and global market leaders in the hydropower business, the pulp and paper industry, the metal working and steel industries, and in solid/liquid separation in the municipal and industrial segments as well as for animal feed and biomass pelleting.

The listed Group is headquartered in Graz, Austria. With almost 170 years of experience, approximately 29,600 employees, and more than 280 locations in over 40 countries worldwide.

They have decades of experience designing and building feed and biomass plants; including engineering, installation, start-up, and commissioning, as well as aftermarket parts and service. This experience has resulted in hundreds of successful feed and biomass plants all over the world.

The ANDRITZ Feed and Biofuel division headquartered in Esbjerg, Denmark, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of technology and services for the animal feed, aqua feed, pet food, and biofuel industries.

They offer an extensive line of equipment for the production of high-quality feed and biomass products. They pair their equipment with state of the art automation solutions to ensure full process traceability.


For the last decade ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel’s IT department has undergone a transition from traditional IT on-premise, to operational management of global IT services and intensive support for local business units.

The IT department in Denmark supports several of the group locations worldwide and hence, many different end-user requirements. As local coordination and planning processes have grown significantly, ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel’s local offices face high demands for shorter implementation cycles of global IT services. Factors such as agility and flexibility are critical, as the employees in the local IT department have made a transition from experts within their specific areas of IT, to support for business units, and project managers for all local aspects within a global IT services setup.


With access to 2.000+ applications in a global landscape and more than 100TB of data storage, predictability, performance and compliance are key elements, no matter whether the user has VDI access or operates on a fat client. The cloud must deliver a secure high-performance setup for all users and cover the many different business requirements and needs.

IT system specialist Mogens Andersen explains: “We researched the market for an agile high-performance cloud platform, providing the predictability and flexibility needed today. We wanted to leave platform architecture, maintenance, upgrades, patching, scaling, monitoring and documentation to a specialized company within high-performance cloud computing. Our focus needed a shift from non-stop operations mode, to being local site specialists efficiently implementing new global IT services.”

As such, a new focus for the IT department, and a breakdown of requirements within the different levels of the organization has evolved:


As manufacturer of production plants, a new platform must secure the best possible footprint in the Fourth Industrial Revolution:

  • Cloud-first: Increasing global business agility with a cloud-first strategy.
  • Readiness in innovation: Development of cutting edge smart services for production plants within IoT, AI, augmented reality and more.
  • Compliance worldwide: Executing global compliance demands, with GDPR compliance as an important component.
  • Global presence: A contributing component towards further flexibility that streamlines ANDRITZ’ global presence mindset and the establishment of a production site or an agency, where demands appear worldwide.
  • Budget transparency: Transparency and simplicity in budget follow-up.
  • Corporate license optimization: Primary use of a global license portfolio and agreements.


Establishment of local procedures, securing ANDRITZ strategies the best possible way:

  • Local simplification of a complex global setup: Best practices and automation of analogue IT processes, leading to local excellence in IT operation procedures.
  • Digitalization responsible within business lines: They act as a link between business lines and automation, defining all IT for ANDRITZ machinery.
  • User enablement: Local security and compliance procedures, supporting all types of users, from internal knowledge workers to external contractors on VDI or fat-clients. Implementation of an easier and faster process for managing cyber security and local GDPR compliance procedures.
  • Provisioning of a high level of capacity flexibility: Meeting unexpected business demands in a fast and predictable way.


“In the search for a solution which could meet our ambitions and handle our challenges, we quickly came across Lean-On’s high-performance cloud as an ideal platform for a hybrid setup,” Mogens Andersen explains. “The addition of a private cloud at Lean-On, has meant a true extension of our own on-premise private cloud/datacenter.

Now we provide a platform that can leverage workflows, supporting the corporate strategies and procedures.” The hybrid cloud solution with Lean-On operates within 6 key areas at ANDRITZ:

1. Agility: A high-performance platform rapidly accommodating on-going demands in relation to new IT Services initiated from Graz.

2. Predictability: A predictable performance for the users – there is never a situation, where system capacity maxes out.

3. Proactiveness: A powerful high-performance platform that connects the team with relevant services, ensures preparedness within the IT department before a new business need arises.

4. Scalability: Platform scalability as capacity demands increase.

5. Improved readiness against cyber attacks: User access and compliance management are accomplished through Citrix virtual Apps

6. Operational excellence: Lean-On’s Cloud Computing Services for monitoring, documentation, alarms, reporting, and patch management are sophisticated and an important part of the quality control process. As maintenance tasks have moved to Lean-On, the focus can now stay on the development of operational procedures and workflows, i.e. establishing user access to file shares through policies.


When asked about the future plans Mogens Andersen elaborates: “ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel works closely with Lean-On. They have developed a significant understanding of our business and organization, which I truly believe adds to the operational excellence that we have today. Keeping our cloud-first strategy in mind, I need a business partner who can understand our business and support it, without loosing focus of governance and agility.

As Lean-On constantly adds new cloud computing services to their platform, support of all our users’ needs in the Fourth Industrial Revolution can continue to improve.”

“The performance and predictability of our hybrid cloud setup with Lean-On, have enabled a successful transition from traditional on-premise IT into an agile cloud distribution of global cloud services. The scalability and readiness we now have at hand for future business demands are truly remarkable. To be able to manage IT in a complex division with a turnover last year of 1,5 bn. DKK, with our lean and high-performance IT setup, brings huge value to our organization. It provides business agility within our highly competitive market space.”

Mogens Andersen, IT system specialist – ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel A/S



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