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Cloud-based VDI and DaaS for CAD

The Lean-On Cloud Platform provides you with flexibility and agility in your global design work:

  • High-performance CAD/CAM with extreme speed and low latency provides you with a unique user experience in your applications, all the way down to pixel-level.
  • Benefit from cutting-edge and effective ways to leverage CAD/CAM resources globally.
  • You can scale the platform as suitable, in line with the changes in demand for CAD/CAM resources in your business.
  • Users have all the common CAD/CAM applications available, regardless of location.
  • Centralization of the company IP provides optimized security without compromising workforce flexibility.
  • Accelerate design innovation by working with all iterations in parallel and in real time. The result is a significantly reduced time-to-market.

Bring Together the Best Talent Worldwide

Leverage a geographically dispersed pool of knowledge workers, power users and third-party partners. These teams collaborate on centralized designs and graphics-intensive 3D applications. Before virtual GPUs and high-performance VDI, professionals were location-bound with extremely expensive physical graphics workstations. By switching to Lean-On’s Cloud, workers can access high-performing GPU-accelerated virtual desktops and applications from anywhere and from any type of device.

Granular Security Protects your IP

Stories on stolen trade secrets and IP in the manufacturing industry reach our news media almost daily. Given that the most vulnerable points in any organization are end-user devices, storing sensitive data centrally in a secure cloud data center just makes sense. Top-notch security and compliance at every level of the technology stack with industry recognized technologies, meet your security requirements in Lean-On’s cloud. When users access that data, it is encrypted and doesn’t live on the device. Further, granular security policies and powerful workspace controls are applied as a critical part of Lean-On’s Cloud Services.

The Most Competitive Price Model: A Monthly per User Fee

In order to be competitive, manufacturers are not only under significant pressure to have the fastest time-to-market possible, but also to do so at the lowest cost possible. Deploying industry software through cloud-based virtual desktops enables them to do this, and the setup of Lean-On’s cloud delivers the most competitive pricing when it comes to vGPU power at nano-second speed, for graphic and compute intensive applications.

Predictability in the Business

Because manufacturers are under pressure to get products to market fast, they cannot afford any application downtime. Every minute of work lost for power users is large sums of money lost for the business. To ensure that manufacturing technology is always available, Lean-On’s cloud enables cutting edge disaster recovery. In other words, when infrastructure goes down in your primary location, workloads will automatically failover to another datacenter – with no impact on end-user experience.


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