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Gaining Engineering Momentum with Cloud Virtualization of CAD Environments

This article was published March 21st 2019 in CIO Applications magazine.

In the fourth industrial revolution, the ability to innovate with disruptive technologies emerge from faster results of simulation benchmarking studies, real-time dataset, and access to knowledge workers.

Spearheading the concept of a fully virtualized world, Lean-On A/S offers the world’s first complete high-performance CAD cloud platform to liminate queuing and quicken the process of simulation and design. Lean-On’s virtualized world allows all CAD applications and other heavy apps to operate in real-time.

Positioned the leading supplier of private cloud services for high-performance engineering, Lean-On seamlessly integrates its best-performing virtual desktop interface (VDI) services and customer experience, into a high-performance platform. “We enable users to utilize the full potential of their industrial applications and to empower digital drivers of the fourth industrial revolution,” says Søren Ankerstjerne, CEO of Lean-On A/S.

As domain experts in centralized Cloud operations, virtual computing, and HPC services, the Lean-On team is eager to tackle some of the most prominent challenges in high-performance VDI and HPC.

Lean-On’s high-performance cloud framework and platform reduce up to 90 percent user latency through a unique combination of technologies and architectural design, combined with full transparency and control for the users. This is a significant upgrade compared to traditional cloud and datacenter providers.

On the operational level, they offer a structured and automated request for workflow change, streamlined and secured lifecycle and user settings for all engineering software, and full documentation of all installation procedures.

The centralization of these procedures helps increase the level of security against cyberattacks. In addition to a high-performance virtual engineering desktop, the platform provides on-demand, scalable access to the latest CPU, GPU, and interconnect technologies as a service.

On the tactical level, customers benefit from Lean-On’s enablement of global sourcing of all types of knowledge workers, fast delivery of desktops, and quick on-boarding/off-boarding of new employees and contract workers irrespective of location and software vendor.

Lean-On A/S had their first successful VDI engineering case back in 2009 and a complete platform and cloud services designed for engineering on the market four years ago. Since then they have successfully grown the business with engineering use cases from enterprise companies such as Babcock & Wilcox Volund A/S, where 42 business critical high-end engineering applications, workspace mobility, centralization, and operational excellence were key drivers for realizing strategies.

Lean-On High Performance Private Cloud services enabled global sourcing of all types of knowledge workers independent of geography, combined with higher utilization of FTE and streamlined user settings, going from difficult individual settings to standard default settings for the entire setup in a lifecycle for all engineering software.

Lean-On and Babcock & Wilcox Volund have made engineering mobility easy and users happy. When the entire HR legal and contractual procedure has been completed, 25 new knowledge workers can now be onboarded within a few hours, no matter the location, from Slovakia to India, providing access to 42 high-end engineering applications from graphic intensive Autodesk Inventor and PDMS, to compute-intensive HPC applications such as Rohr2 and Ansys Fluent.

An outstanding quality in each of Lean-On’s supplied services is that every new solution offers full transparency and control for users, through a unique combination of technologies and architectural design.

One of Lean-On’s latest initiatives of expanding their footprint is the establishment of a datacenter hub in Dallas to support the U.S. customers. Their goal for the near future is to drive the digital edge on high-performance cloud computing for engineering at a reasonable cost structure.

Continuously, Lean-On has also been dedicated to combining all their services with their remote branch office units, to create products and services that help overcome enduring latency constraints and securing a great user experience. “We are extremely focused on creating this paradigm shift in cloud services for engineering, design, and manufacturing,” says Ankerstjerne.


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