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A unique Technology Stack from Chip-set to VDI

Unprecedented IOPS and Nano-second Speed

Within the Lean-On infrastructure technology stack we only use recognized technologies. Lean-On has globally leading know-how in technologies from Apache Cloudstack, Citrix, Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Supermicro, Nvidia, Ivanti, as well as suppliers of ZFS storage (Oracle, OmniOS and Nexenta), supplemented with in-house developed products. This provides a reduction in latency of 90%, and nano-second speed with 1.000.000+ IOPS, enabling your virtual desktop to perform better than a local workstation.

ZFS storage technologies eliminates the missing link with unparalleled performance, security and flexibility. Citrix delivers by its ”all stack product line” the unified desktop and backend service the user needs for a unique workspace.