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From Windows Apps to High-end 3D and HPC Simulations

Enterprise High-Performance Cloud Computing

From Windows Apps to High-end 3D and HPC Simulations Lean-On’s cloud service is the best foundation for an ongoing increase in user experience, when it comes to workflow, data sharing and datamining via a plug-and-play VDI platform. An Infrastructure-as-a-Service setup based on a per user per month payment sets your users free to be productive and innovative, and your enterprise to scale, grow and adapt according to market requirements and company strategies.

A holistic approach and recognized leading practices from chipset to VDI creates the fundamental scalable and predictable infrastructure for the future ready and innovative enterprise with activities in all corners of the world. The infrastructure-as-a-Service setup enables a business to quickly scale up, out and down.

The infrastructure between locations becomes transparent. It is all accessible and provisioned by our CloudStack GUI enabling a hybrid cloud ability.