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Align the Operation of the Network to the Intent of the Business

Detect Anomalies in Network, Services, User Behavior and Applications that are Detracting from the Business Intent

User Performance and Security Analytics

User performance: Optimizing the underlying infrastructure in support of modern hybrid cloud deployments requires sophisticated insights. In support of capacity planning, understanding true usage of resources can help optimize resources and drive costs down. In the Lean-On Cloud Platform advanced algorithms and machine learning are applied to support IT teams get the most from their budgets.

User security: Put users at the center of security. Have the ability to detect and react to threats in real time based on changes in user behavior, device trust, and network conditions. Lean-On’s platform provides IT with complete visibility into user behavior across SaaS and hybrid cloud environments. Potential threats are addressed proactively, empowering organizations to adopt new innovations and accelerate their business growth.

Application Delivery Management

Managing application delivery across disparate on-premises and cloud environments can be challenging. A single pane of glass for consistent configuration, orchestration, and change management makes it much easier to holistically manage your network resources across a hybrid cloud environment. The Lean-On Platform provides you via Application Delivery Management a single console with an automated one-click deployment for faster and less error-prone configuration while preserving your ability to audit configurations when needed.

In the Lean-On Cloud we can monitor all your applications and separate critical security issues from a tsunami of data so that we can easily identify threats and take action to improve your security posture. Be updated on:

  • Which applications are under attack
  • How frequently they are being attacked
  • Where the attacks are coming from
  • If there is a trend to the attacks
  • Type of attack like DDoS, bot, and SQL injection