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A Software-as-a-Service Infrastructure in Ship Shape

From Infrastructure Design to Best Practices

All too often organizations wait until there’s a problem to have an overall look at the infrastructure. A reactive approach to infrastructure health can be potentially very damaging to the business. Some of the warning signs that an infrastructure health check is needed include: Repeated interruptions in service, performance or availability. While someone on the IT team may offer a temporary fix, the problem always returns, cramping productivity.

If you would like a health check of your infrastructure, to make sure your entire technology stack is performing well, Lean-On offers this as a service. We take a holistic approach and cover the whole technology stack, with this service, reviewing and documenting your current environment, making recommendations for changes and updates according to best practices and supportability. In this process we have subject matter experts covering the whole stack from chipset to Software-as-a-Service layer in their evaluations.

On-going controls is a huge part of Lean-On’s DNA. With our weekly and monthly Quality-as-a-Service reports as a part of our Lean-On Cloud offering, we make sure that your cloud service is always optimized. Maintaining adherence to industry and vendor best practices, keeping current, providing the highest quality of services, delivering high availability and continuously improving performance can be a constant challenge. This is all included in our service offering and becomes our responsibility.