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Optimized Software-defined Low Latency WAN-as-a-Service

  • The good foundation: The entire Lean-On Cloud platform is latency-optimized and placed directly on a high-capacity SAN with low-latency access.
  • A continuous process with on-going adjustments and optimization of the global infrastructure, according to the needs of the business: Prioritization of WAN traffic can change quickly, for example if a new important business critical application is launched and must be given high priority in relation to WAN acceleration, or an integration of a new branch office into the network infrastructure is needed. On-going adjustments and optimization ensure the continuity of a unique user experience and high business productivity in the best possible way.
  • Unique Quality-of-Service and WAN traffic monitoring right down to the Layer 4-7 level: The solution provides a complete overview with insight into which of your applications consume the largest amount of bandwidth and more. This allows you to adjust proactively, before the user experience is compromised.
  • A unique user experience worldwide: A special outpost design architecture has been developed for branches with special needs, due to low bandwidth or lines of jitter and high latency, with an experience of typing lag, slow response times, delays in printing, instability and disconnected sessions as a result.

Optimized WAN

Mobility & Collaboration

Advanced Security