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Utilize the Full Potential of All Industrial Applications Through Virtualization of CAD Applications and Other Intensive Apps

Imagine the ability to secure years of work spent on application optimization. You remove administrative rights in order to centralize customizations, so all relevant power users have access to your organization’s optimized engineering applications. By doing so, you have central protection of intellectual property.

Scalable Access to the Latest CPU & GPU, and Interconnected Services

Become part of an ecosystem built for engineers, enabling a global workforce. and global sourcing of knowledge workers. You can deploy virtual desktops within minutes and hours, and not within days. Quick on-boarding/off -boarding of the best talent means reduced project time.

Increase hardware resources with one mouse click in the Lean-On cloud which also enables you to have multiple test and development environments. You avoid local file server and synchronization of several vaults and have an infrastructure with fast load and save times on the central servers.

Virtualization of CAD Applications lean-on

Increase Productivity with up to 15%

Centralized customizations to your engineering apps can be used by all relevant designers and engineers. Work effectively with productivity improvements on application management and usage. Instead of local troubleshooting, knowledge is shared, and issues are solved centrally.

Engineering at Nanosecond Speed

With cloud-based VDI you have a backbone of GPU-intensive servers at your disposal, when working with the organization’s resource-intensive engineering applications. With 1.000.000+ IOPS at nanosecond speed, it enables your virtual desktop to perform better than a local workstation.

Optimization to the Precise Tasks at Hand

From chipset to VDI, all the technologies included in the Lean-on Cloud are optimized to each other in a unique way, and to the precise task at hand – from Autodesk and SolidWorks, to Ansys and MATLAB.