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Transforming Operational Excellence into Unique User Flexibility

Operational excellence is about creating a company culture that will allow us to produce valuable services for our customers and achieve long-term sustainable business value. This means operational excellence in the everyday IT tasks which enables you, to have the most optimized and future-ready cloud platform for your users.

Quality Control as a Part of our DNA

When defining Quality Control and SLAs at Lean-On, we focus on the entire user experience from performance and access, to security. User experience is a critical built-in part of our contracts and our advanced cloud services.

Urgent Support to Engineering Desktop Performance

High-performance computing is extremely important for modern fundamental and applied science and engineering. Our solutions scale up or scale out, to suit your workloads and economic requirements.

The Ever-increasing Capabilities in Applications – 3D, AI, and More

Shorter and shorter feature-update cycles and new capabilities launched at unprecedented speed in all types of applications today, make it impossible for IT departments to keep up. At Lean-On our high-performance VDI subject matter team of experts have their entire focus on ongoing improvements to our high-performance cloud computing platform.

A Strategy for the Increasing Graphics Requirements for Operating Systems and Applications

Which Windows 10 Feature Updates are most important for our infrastructure requirements? Which Windows Server OS is best suited for our applications now, in the short-term and in the long-term? Questions are many. We have a holistic approach to your infrastructure in the cloud and decide on a strategy with your IT management and application managers.

Secure Increased Processing Power in Endpoint Devices and Thin-Clients

Users often complain about the difficulties they face in traditional desktop computing. Common examples include high-availability needs and on-demand storage and performance expectations which the standard computing model cannot meet. With VDI we can scale the size of the VDI user profile depending on user requirements. A change of the VDI profile size is done within minutes.

Create Agile and Stable Data Transmission

Network optimization with SD-WAN and WAN-optimization enables your users to work with even resource intensive applications such as CAD/CAM applications or simulation tools from all corners of the world. Our platform technologies reduce latency with up to 90%.