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Scalability Services:
with the Cloudstack Framework

Meet your resource demands in the Lean-On Cloud. We can roll out new server configurations within minutes for your needs.
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Realtime Documentation:
A Complete Online
Documentation of Your
Private or Hybrid Cloud

Lean-On Documentation Services comprehensively discover your entire IT infrastructure, creating a near real time map of your entire compute environment.
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Advanced Monitoring

Get the visibility and insight into your systems and applications that power your systems in the Lean-On Cloud.  Have insight knowledge of the lifecycle and usage patterns of the systems
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as a Service:
QC Reports on Systems and

Advanced Monitoring Services – Reporting:

Quality Control reports on operation services, patch Level, and system trends over time, ensure a consistent unique user experience and system predictability. The reports are critical instruments in troubleshooting, as you always have an overview of what recently happened on the system.

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Advanced Patch
Management Services

This intelligent patch management service provides the security, global experts agree creates the highest barriers to modern cyberattacks.
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Web and Cloud Access Security
Broker Services

Gain control over the use of cloud services and block at the container level against new share sites for instance. It has become so easy for users to find and launch new services for their own and corporate use. They are freely available on the web, ready to be taken off the shelf and used within five minutes. The potential is shadow IT of unprecedented dimensions.
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Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Streamline backup and recovery processes with the Lean-On Backup and Disaster Recovery Service. We can set up reliable and intuitive solutions of any size from terabytes to petabytes in connection with Learn-On’s cloud.
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Support 24/7/365

Market-leading technologies managed by professionals
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Simplified Image Management Through Provisioning Services

Citrix Provisioning Services (Citrix PVS) is a software-streaming technology integrated in the Lean-On Cloud that delivers patches, updates, and other configuration information to multiple virtual desktop endpoints through a shared desktop image.
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Email & Web Security

Full spectrum threat protection for your users – no matter where they are
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Lean-On Center of Operations & Customer Excellence

Balancing the Development in Technology with Business Innovation and Growth Strategies
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