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HPC Simulation Services

Operational Excellence and Faster Time to Market

High-Performance Computing for everyone. Easy access to HPC resources when needed for organizations of all sizes

HPC System Underutilization vs. Queues – The Dilemma is Over

To meet disruption and have the ability to be innovative in the fourth industrial revolution, you need to achieve faster results of simulation benchmarking studies and simulation success stories. Lean-On HPC Simulation Services enable an organization to parallelize multiple projects at once and get the bandwidth and resources to simulate more. The ability to handle more simulations, allows you to take on more design work and get more done in a same amount of time.

Lean-On HPC Simulation Services Setup

Mobile Access to Nano-Second Speed and Zettabytes capacity

With Lean-On HPC Simulation Services, you get a solution tailored to heavy IO-intensive workloads, which allows you to run many kernels for throughput-oriented applications. The architecture of the platform is designed with a focus on minimum latency. Engineers and other developers are independent of time and place and can set up calculation requests via VDI connectivity to central infrastructure, thus also retrieving results independently of time and place at unprecedented speed.

Lean-On HPC Simulation Services have a scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service setup via a plug-and-play VDI platform providing access to flexible, varied, pay-as-yougo HPC resources. At the same time, you avoid management of these assets and spending a massive amount of capital and time to deploy them. Moving simulations to Lean-On HPC resources, enables companies to take advantage of a wide variety of purpose-built hardware at previously unimaginable scales, and have a streamlined workflow in relation to implementation and updates of all engineering software. This unlocks the potential of engineering staff and drives innovation to the next level.

HPC for the Masses: Engineers with a Supercomputer at Their Fingertips

Lean-On HPC Simulation Services’ ongoing ability to match the need of the user despite highs and lows in the consumption of workloads, enables more and more customization and problem-solving at a faster pace. Smaller companies can now be competitive at a transparent price structure and reasonable costs. The truly transformational benefits of HPC Simulation Services are also:

  • Recruiting and retaining top engineering talent: Engineers can access the market’s latest technology.
  • Organizational agility: No lengthy procurement processes, and Lean-On is a turnkey provider and does not require significant long-term commitments for usage.
  • Focus on organizational core competencies – not IT: Your IT team can stop focusing on supporting employee-centric processes and start focusing on customer-centric, revenue-generating activity.

Hybrid Interoperability and Purpose-built Hardware Depending on the Task

Opposite to one-size-fits-all the hardware used with Lean-On, is purpose-built depending on the task and the specific specialized workloads. We offer an HPC environment across on-premise and cloud locations. Thus, location can be both on-premise and in the cloud.

Lean-On HPC Simulation Services Benefits

  • Globally scalable HPC
  • Designed with low latency in mind
  • Consolidated resources and resource elasticity
  • Guaranteed unique user experience and performance
  • Significant cost reduction
  • Complete visibility with cutting edge monitoring and reporting
  • Scaling and connectivity enablement for the full-stack data layer
  • Global mobility for the user in a 24/7 worldwide setup
  • Focus on customer-centric, revenue-generating activity


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